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              Welcome to Inner Mongolia Baiyanhu Chemical Co.,Ltd. Website!
              Hot Products: CALCIUM CARBIDE(CaC2)
              Product List
              CALCIUM CARBIDE(CaC2)

              Molecular formula:CaC2

              It's a kind of raw material of organic chemical industry , and can produce acetylene gas for rubber ,synthetic fiber and plastic industry , also for cutting and welding of metal .
              ABOUT US
              Inner Mongolia Baiyanhu Chemical Limited Liability Company is a private enterprise engaged in calcium carbide manufacturing. It is located in Chahar Right Back Banner of Ulanqab in Inner Mongolia. It was founded in July, 1990 and was put into operation in July, 1992. And it was reformed into private company in 2000. In 2010, it completed technical improvement of 11 sets of internal combustion engine type calcium carbide furnace at various specifications. At present, there are 8 sets of 40500KVA full seal calcium carbide furnace....



              Honest man, honest work, treat staff..


              Quality Assurance

              Specialized in calcium carbide production..


              Job Offers

              Join us, you are welcome to join

              Add : Baiyanhu, Chayouhouqi, Inner Mongolia,China
              Linkman : Zhang Renjie
              Tel: +86-474-6204223
              Fax: +86-474-6206874
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              Add : Baiyanhu, Chayouhouqi, Inner Mongolia,China Linkman : Zhang Renjie Tel +86-474-6204223 Fax: +86-474-6206874
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